Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Been too long!

I have got to get back in to blogging. I have been so obsessed with just making more items that I've neglected so many things...including Bloggetha here (my nickname I made for my blog lol).

So I'm trying to reorganize and I'm going to make sure there is one day a week where I do not sew for an entire day and focus on other things. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? Seems so impossible now. I've pretty much sewn most of the day, every day, since the end of June of this year except for one week when we were moving into our apartment here in NY.

But ANYHOO, today I'd like to showcase where 'the magic happens' know, my work room lol.

My things spread out into 3 rooms...sometimes 4, depending on if I pull out my sewing machine. I don't know why I bother pulling out my sewing machine anymore though, I always opt for hand sewing. Well, I know why, it's because I love my sewing machine. It's still pretty much brand new and has so many options, but in the end, I prefer the satisfaction of seeing what I can do all by myself with my hands :)

I house my supplies in the hallway closet that's allllllll mine.

On the top, I keep a basket of yarn and extra stock of stuffing, bean bag filling, etc...
Then the next shelf has my scrap fabric that I use to practice new patterns and there's also a basket of items that I made, but the freaking moving company pretty much demolished it all. And I just don't have the heart to throw them away.
Then my favorite shelf is where I have my fat quarters of fabric! Ohhhh how my heart skips a beat just thinking of them.
Then the next shelf has miscellaneous supplies. Like my backup thread/floss, canvas bags that I plan to decorate, bag of scraps, and my sewing machine supplies box.
And underneath it all is where I keep my yardage of fabric and felt. And I have a few embroidery hoops underneath that I plan to make plush wall art with :)

Seriously, I have a TON of fabric! My addiction <3

And when I first moved in, this was my work table looking very empty, but full of promise in the laundry room.

And this is my work table now...Well, I took this pic just before I tidied up. I reorganize it every morning religiously. I love my bobbin box and button box that I had customized by Angela's Embellished Boxes! You should definitely order from her. She's great! :)

I haven't had the funds yet to add shelves and other things I have planned to make it more organized and aesthetically appealing. But whew, HUGE plans! It's going to look amazing.

(And underneath the table is where I keep my packaging and shipping supplies)

And beside my computer armoire in the den area, I have a plastic dresser that I use to house all my inventory. To keep them safe, dust-free, and away from my daughter who gets attached too easily, until they find a new home!

And that's pretty much it...Besides my family, you've seen everything that makes me happy!

I'll leave you today with an Owenism.

I was telling my daughter the other day...I don't remember how the conversation started, but I had said that I knew I was a good wife and mom, but I wish I was better.

Her reply: "There's no 'better' in this house. You're already the best!" Yeah, my 6 year old came up with that wisdom all by herself! <3 <3