Monday, September 5, 2011

Load Up, It's a New Day!

I can't type too much about what's happened so far...but I thought it'd be nice to give you all a short update about this epic adventure that my family and I are on and it's the relocation of HinckleDoodle!

We started our trip at my parents' house in Knob Noster at about 6 am :) I cried, yes...I have never lived more than 20 minutes from my parents so moving 18 1/2 hours away is a huge deal. But like I said to my husband...this is the true beginning of our adult lives and marriage really. I am excited beyond belief and of course, scared.

Our trip has been so successful and smooth that it's pretty much unbelievable. I thought it would be more painful lol! We felt like we only drove 3 or 4 hours and we put 13 hours on the road yesterday!

My daughter has her own atlas and we've been marking all our stops. My dad got her an atlas so she can find how to go back to papa's house...AWWWWW sweet, right? She's having a blast doing it!

We went thru Missouri to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio and we're halfway to a little piece of West Virginia then we'll be in Pennsylvania! After that..........yes..... NEW YORK!!!!!! Yes you may start singing "Concrete jungles, where dreams are made of...There's nothing you can't doooooo....Now you're in NEW YORKKKKKKK!"  I know I just did. lol ;)

We plan on taking the scenic route by Lake Erie and then make it to Syracuse, NY to stay the night and explore since it's the closest big city to Fort Drum and we're sure to spend a lot of weekends there :)

Here's just a few pictures of our trip :)

This is Owen, Mr. Bosley, and myself enjoying the trip....or at least relaxing lol

I've always wanted to take a picture like this... :) And here it is...

We stopped at Ruby Tuesday in Effingham, IL for lunch. I find exciting because here we are on a grand adventure and I'm eating at a restaurant I've never eaten at before. Yes, I know that's weird but I don't get out much lol.
Daddy and Owie Pie reunited after his stint in Korea. Back to being BFFs! They are the best road trip partners EVER! They constantly keep the laughs going in the SUV :)

And this is the state we're in right now and where our 2nd day of travelling will begin...The great state of Ohio. I will say that so far it looks like MO, IL, and IN all look the same and OH reminded us of Kansas...I can't wait to see PA and NY!

So thank you all for the well wishes for safe travels and fun-having because it's been working! We've been happy, safe, and lucky to have like NO traffic at all. It's odd actually how bare the roads were yesterday. I'm hoping today is the same but since it's the end of the holiday weekend...I fear we may not be as lucky but we will see....

<3 Jess xoxo


  1. Best of luck on your new life adventure!

  2. I Sooo enjoyed reading this blog post! It seems very exciting when you are reading it from a boring grey, windy London Suburb! it's lovely to see what Hinkledoodle looks like too! Safe journey from Jo at The Handmade Nursery x