Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I would do with 8 arms!

She isn't finished yet, but HinckleDoodle is adding Octopals to my inventory!
8 glorious tentacles and flowered eyes!

She's a beauty I must say and isn't exactly what I sketched but she turned out better :)

She also has buttons that run along the underside of each tentacle to act as the suction cups all octopi have.

I don't have prices on these yet, but I will soon. I am also working on another one that is red and teal! I think it'll be pretty cute too!

I am planning to add a bow of some sort to add even more appeal to them.

I don't know what it is about octopuses that are so special.
The fact that it looks almost alien-like compared to other sea creatures.
Or for the sheer desire of having 8 arms to use.

As a mother and plush-maker, I could think of a hundred reasons why I would need 8 arms. My multi-tasking skills are pretty inadequate as it is, so the thought of being able to fold laundry with two arms, cook dinner with one, make a plushie with 2 others, write bills with another...etc, etc, etc all at once...would be a wonderful ability!

So to all of you octopi in the world, I am jealous and hope you're using your tentacles to their fullest potential!

Now on to trying to figure out if I can work on some farm animals with what I have in my wee little box of material...and a couple new monster designs!
OHHHH and it's official we have an apartment starting October 18th! Which means a few things...
  1. Getting out of these hotels we've been staying in!!! Gahhhh!
  2. Getting all our household goods, clothes, etc and HUGE AMOUNT OF CRAFT SUPPLIES AND INVENTORY I HAVE PACKED AWAY!!
  3. Being able to have my Grand Opening for HinckleDoodle!
  4. Holding the 2 contests I have planned for said Grand Opening.
  5. And just feeling normal again and having a routine. I love routines!
So many things await my family and HinckleDoodle...I can't wait to make progress on it all!

<3 Jess xoxo

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