Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventure Time!

I am not what you would call an outdoorsy person. You won't find me jumping up and down at the thought of camping for a weekend in a tent on the ground. To me that would sound like you want me to sweat in a tent with no shower and bugs buzzing around my ear and biting me for three days and two nights...NOT HAPPENING.

BUT I am a lover of outdoors nonetheless. I love when the forest is deep green and I love looking at anything the woods has to offer. I like the many different trees, the fallen logs, the moss, the rocks, the stumps, the EVERYTHING!

If you invited me to go spend the weekend at a cabin by the lake near the mountains...I'd be all for it!! I love the beauty of the outdoors. I don't know why but I get so giddy at even the idea of going on a nature walk! It's even more exciting when I get to take my plush creations with me for a photo shoot! And that's what we did yesterday.
Before we even got to the start of the trail, I was so excited to find these trees! Look at how tall they are! They were so naturally whimsy. I'm almost 5'7" and my daughter is 4'4" so think about that when you think of how tall these trees were!
My daughter has become more and more obsessed with Adventure Time! and so have I. I think it's so adorabibble that she likes to go everywhere now with her backpack packed full of goodies she may need on adventures. We later found out that the backpack was actually pretty heavy for a 6 year old to carry as long as we walked. She's tough! lol
They had, I think, 3 bridges on the trail we took! And I think there's at least 6 trails on Fort Drum!
I don't know if you can tell, but this hill was SOOOOOO STEEP!  Going up my knees were pretty much hitting my chest and going down was so scary! I have bad knees as it is, so I almost made the decision to slide down. 

I love my sweet little Owie Pie! :) 

And last but not least a Merple sighting!

You can check out more photos of my creations on my Facebook page, by clicking this link: HinckleDoodle

I've been creating with the help of my daughter's doodles and imagination these new creatures that have totally captivated me, called Merples (like the one above) and a new creature called Gooblings.
We're trying to create this magical land together.
The land of HinckleDoodle is being reborn :) 

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