Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love Adventures!

Like most young families, we tend to struggle. We don't do many things outside of our home to save on money, but sometimes you have to just go out and do something. No matter if it's big or small as long as you're with the people you will be incredible! :) 

The past two weekends, we've actually went on little adventures around this area that we've been in for nearly a year but never really explored. It's been so much fun!

Recently we went to Sackets Harbor, NY and here's some of the pics from that adventure!

Makes me laugh at how high the soap dispenser was!
And look at how high the paper towels are! And Owen is 4'4"!

Waiting for her Grilled Sea Cheese!

What better way to kill time then to arm wrestle your dad?
And clearly we have victory!

I adore water! I'm not much of a swimmer but I can appreciate it's beauty :)
Gorgeous streets and walkways!

And then Owen shot some a safe pretend manner ;)
Of course you have to end the warm summer day with ice cream! Drew got Coffee, Owen got Cotton Candy, and mine was the best: Black Raspberry Cheesecake!

It was such a fun day!!! 

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