Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Snail's Slow Start...

FINALLY THE SNAIL IS DONE. Miss Olivia graces us all with her cutesy presence :)

Olivia turned out as cute as I wanted her to be, but she's also shown me things I need to change as I make more snails. She doesn't stand up on her own. She's too top heavy, which I didn't realize until she was finished.

I know that plushies don't NEED to stand up on their own, but it's something I like all of them to do. In my mind, my plushies are more decorative than they are for actual "playing". I am definitely going to gear my brand towards decorations from this point forward. Not that I don't want you to get them for your children! I see them as more for ages 5 and up. My daughter is 5, but she's an advanced, mature 5 year old and she uses them for imaginary play rather than throwing and chewing on lol.

Next time I make these snails, I'm going to add toy pellets to the body and bottom of the shell to add more weight to the bottom. Then I think they will be PERFECT!

Now please, I beg you...what I'm about to say I hope doesn't come off as conceited. By no means is that my intention! But I have only been sewing for 2 months and I have to say, I really think I'm getting better. The Munkees and SlowPokes have turned out better than I thought I could ever create!

My construction has gotten better. My execution gets better with every piece. And my sewing knowledge is growing. I am proud of myself is what it boils down to. I don't consider myself an expert in my field but I do hope that in the future that I can say that I am. We all walk a path to greatness, I feel. And this is my niche. Finally after all my life being creative...this is my calling.

I love all things artsy fartsy! I love to draw, paint, sing, dance, mold, bake, dream, write, and so on and so forth. I haven't tried everything but I have a list of art mediums that I haven't tried yet but plan to!

I plan on trying needle felting. I plan on bettering my skills with polymer clay. I plan on trying sculptures. I plan on woodworking. I plan on never ceasing to create!!!
No creating = me, at least. YES THAT DRASTIC!

These aren't HinckleDoodle items...but here's some other creative things I've done!

This is marker and colored pencil...
This one is charcoal...I HEART CHARCOAL!
This is all pencil...

I have this strange knack for being able to draw copies of any graphic anyone shows me.
I in no way take credit for the original idea.
I enjoy doing it though. It's a hobby I enjoy and use to decorate my home :).
I wish I could come up with sketches/drawings/art like this on my own!
All the ones above are from pics I found from google or deviantart :)
This is Marv from Sin City.
This is Sharpie on Canvas from the Sin City Graphic Novel that came with the DVD we bought :)

This is my fun mash-up of all the cartoons Drew, Owen and myself enjoy!
I never finished any of these lol...(except Marv)
Like I said just a hobby...
And this is George...
I had this ole plan of writing a children's book from a story my daughter told me called "Monster Meatball Stew"...
I had this big idea to make polymer clay creatures and buy dollhouse miniatures to create the pictures for the storybook :)
Never happened, but I still have George's head and the story...maybe someday...
If any of the photos are hard to see or you just want a closer look...just click on them and it should bring up a pop up box :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post!! I'm open to feedback...if there's anything you'd like to ask about me, about my creations, what you would like to hear more about... simply ask :) I'm friendly!

<3 Jess xoxo

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