Monday, September 5, 2011

Whew I'm glad I can relax now!

Everything has gone smoothly except the last hour or two of today's travels. When it got dark, it started to rain harder and OMG we went down this scary road to our hotel and we could barely see the lines. It was the worst and longest 7 miles EVER! But we're in tonight's temporary home: safe, fed, and happy.

Tonight's post will mostly be just pictures :)

We started our adventure today at our hotel in Zanesville, OH...

The handsome men of the trip waiting for the lady of the house to get ready :)
And today I decided to wear my lovely NY gear since we were so close to the state border of our new stomping ground :)
And we decided to have breakfast across the street at Denny's.
I really love the next two pictures, by the way!

Daddy and Owie Pie! Or 'The Twins' as most call them lol
My beautiful daughter and I!!
I swear you can't tell sometimes that I made her, but I promise she came from my womb! lol
Little Owen said she wanted that seal and by golly with two tries, she got that seal! ALL BY HERSELF!
Well, it tried to cheat her out of it, but don't you worry, this mom saved the day!

We then ventured further down I-70E thru OH and eventually, we went thru WV for a mere 13 miles but from what we saw of Wheeling, WV...we want to retire there! But unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the awesome hills and quirky houses that had my name written all over them!
BUT I did get this cool tunnel photo:

Further and further we went thru WV to PA...Pennsylvania didn't impress us at first, but it did get prettier and prettier as we drove through :)

And after Pennsylvania came....yup, you guessed it:

I was very VERY ecstatic to finally see this sign and to finally start building a sense of home again. I love what I have seen of NY so far. The drivers here are the equivalent of a KS driver (no offense Kansas fans lol) back home, but's different here.

We enjoyed the scenic route of Highway 5 East and came across a Lake Erie harbor :)

Pictures don't do it justice at all. Lake Erie is incredible!
MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY by a random boat not in the water :)

Miss Owen loved all the birds!
And after this, we got back on 90E and it was rather uneventful so no pictures...then the raining began and got worse...and now we're in Auburn, NY for the night and able to sleep in (YAY!) since we're less than 2 hours from Fort Drum now :)

Our original idea was to stay in Syracuse, but I think we're just wanting to get to Fort Drum and not worrying about travelling for a little while! I'm ready to plant some roots and start making a home again!

Cross your fingers with me that Fort Drum has a home immediately available!

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