Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Every adventure has a rocky road...

The trip was so smooth and we had lots of fun but now the trouble begins...

I am a very proud military wife, daughter, friend, sister, niece...etc. I'm tied to the military in so many ways, but being apart of the Army is new to me. I'm more connected to the Air Force since my father is a retired Master Sgt and my brother is a Sgt in the AF. I can say with certainty that the Air Force takes care of families A LOT better than Army. Army treats each soldier (at least in our situation) like they're a burden and since they're a burden, so is their family.

"Basically, we're shit out of luck" is what I couldn't hold back from saying today to one of the civilian workers today. We were supposed to get advance money to help us with our trip from MO to NY but it didn't come so we made it on what we had. Now we're running low and are...well...basically shit out of luck. I hope that my next blog post isn't from a McDonald's parking lot from their free Wi-Fi telling you all that we're living out of our SUV!

I know things will eventually work themselves out and I'm trying to focus on that. But day-by-day as a wife and mother, I worry about how to take care of my family because that is the job description for both those titles and I take them very seriously.

I am going to try and drown myself in HinckleDoodle because that's my happy place. :) I have limited supplies since most of it is with the movers somewhere, but I can make it work. So while Drew is in-processing and we're in a stand still, I hope to get some important biz stuff done with HinckleDoodle. I need to do some reorganzing and plan my grand opening of my online store!

In short, yes. Yes, I would say we've hit our rocky road, but this mama and her family shall prevail!!!!

You know why because this goofy little angel is the reason why:

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