Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucy Takes a Trip!

Now Muriel is who I wanted to be my HinckleDoodle mascot, but she's packed away in a warehouse. So we have Lucy with us! We got to go on a mini-adventure yesterday afternoon after Drew got off work. :)

Lucy just hold still! You'll be safe!

Tucked away in her little seat as we made our way to Watertown, NY which is just about 6 miles from where we live in our lovely hotel. We had to get gas and so she had to get a quick hug in with the
greatest little Miss Owie Pie...

And Lucy is pretty comfortable with me now. She's been around for awhile...So she DEMANDED a better seat!
With me...

And yes I lived in MO for so long but I have never been to the famous "B-Dubs" (aka Buffalo Wild Wings). I asked Drew to take us somewhere I've never been before. I can see why it's so popular. It's like an adult playhouse! lol
TVs everywhere!
Owen pretended to freak out and said "There's,,,, so.... many... TVs. Helppppp!!! Which one do I look at?!" As she shakes her fists into the air and slams dramatically to the table lol!

(By the way, I suggest the Honey BBQ Bacon Burger. SUPERB!)

Getting some love at BDubs :)
We thought the last picture was too "normal" for us lol This is better :)

After we were happily no..uncomfortably full...there was some beautiful scenery that we passed on a beautiful sunny day in NY.

We live just miles from all the glory that makes up the Adirondack Mountains!
This is amazing not only because the scenery is so beautiful but because my husband is OBSESSED with mountains. Can't wait to rent a cabin out there for a weekend!

We have fishing access to this wonderful gem! I swear almost every part of NY that we live in should be on a postcard!
It's no beach by the ocean but I sure am loving all these lakes that are within minutes from us!
Winter will be here before we know it but I can see next spring and summer, I'll be packing a picnic and my supplies and enjoy a day by the water crafting and enjoying time with the fam!

Drew and I were talking the other day about how much we love everything we've seen and we're sure that the people who have lived here for so long, don't even appreciate it anymore. That saddens me.
So I challenge you to visit some area of your town that you may have taken for granted over the years...appreciate it and I'm sure you'll get a burst of inspiration if you allow it :)

And we ended our mini-adventure (we're kind of boring in what we do but we're a hoot together!) with 2 hours of laundry at the laundromat...Blech! I can't wait to have a home again! lol

And now we end with a new Owenism...(I LOVE THESE! And I hope you do too!)

"Wouldn't it be cool if Daddy had a toilet built in the bed?
But he'd have to wear no pants. And that's NOT cool."

I swear all Owenisms are taken word-for-word from my daughter's mouth and brain lol. She is this odd and hilarious all the time. We are lucky parents.

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