Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspiration Seed

That's all it takes to create a plant or tree starts from a idea has the same concept.

Inspired by the abundance of talent on the inspiration seed has sparked my desire to dedicate this blog post to what inspires me. I hope it evokes a jumpstart for your current projects or life in general.

I try to be inspired by everything because really everything has a purpose.

I am just astounded by the amount of talent that's on facebook! I love seeing the little creatures that other plushie makers are making. And even sometimes I honestly get angry that I didn't think of some of them first! Not in a hateful way of course...just so impressed that I blame myself for a moment. I don't think that I have reached my full potential. And I doubt I ever will because if I do, does that mean I'll have nothing more to offer?! GASP!

Here's a few of my finds...

The Feltery

Love Bunny!

I find it strange that I've mostly been doing animals. I love animals, I really do. But I've always sketched the unusual and the unreal critters since I was young. I always used to draw these imaginary lands that I wish I lived in.
I admire Pink Cheeks Studios imaginary creatures so much to the point, I may be obsessed with them. Seeing all of them, made me think to myself...I'm making a lot of things that I think will sell and not spending more time making the creatures that I want to exist. No one has forced me to, but in these two months I've been doing what I'm doing...I just got caught up in a whirlwind and I'm trying to slow things down, take what I've learned, and refocus everything into the right direction.
I'm honestly not doing this biz to make money.
I do it to keep me sane and happy.
This is healthy me time! No boozing. No drama.
Just me and my imagination.

Whew, got side-tracked... lol

Back to inspiration...
MUSIC! I know, I know...generic, right? But it's true.
Music is so inspiring to me.

I'm going to start showcasing artists that I adore and you may like too. I'm an indie/alternative girl.
I like chill music with awesome lyrics and/or folky, uptempo happy sounds.
So let me showcase a song that might amuse you...
Hey Rosetta! - "Welcome"

There's more that inspires me but those are the two big ones and I realize this is getting lengthy :)

So we'll end with an Owenism:

"Maybe since you've been outside, the dirty has come back for revenge. Muahahahaha!"

This came from Drew saying out loud to no one in particular that he needed to take a shower.
Owen said to him, "Yeah you stink"
He said I took a shower this morning.
And this Owenism was her reply lol

Yes. I know what you're thinking. And you're right.
I get lots of inspiration from my family.

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