Monday, January 16, 2012

Bloggetha Revival!

With a few rounds of CPR and extra doses of TLC, my beloved Bloggetha has been reborn and has a clear cut path. I've been building HinckleDoodle for some time now and I still feel like a newb. I'm still trying to find the most efficient way to manage everything between my business and personal life.

I definitely have a grand appreciation for mothers who work from home. There's always something to do. I said last night before I went to bed to my husband at 10:30 pm..."I feel like I've been working for 24 hours." Any more so I'm exhausted by 7:30, but just push myself to stay up later to get more things accomplished. Then I push myself to stay up til midnight and I'll stay up until 2 in the morning...and wake up at 6:50 am to do it all over again. (Yes, I realize that's why I'm exhausted lol)

I'm always trying to implement some sort of organizing skill or schedule or checklist into my life to try and make it a little easier. And I think slowly, VERY slowly the benefits are starting to show.

So speaking of schedules, I have finally created one for my blog and for the past week have been trying to get 2 weeks worth done to give myself a head start :) And here you have it! I have designated subjects for the weekdays and given myself the weekend off from my blog unless something exciting happens that I just HAVE to share :)

Now I've given you the gist, let me put some pictures in...because everyone likes a photo!

Some of you may have seen the pony I've been working on...She was bald in the Creative Process photo album but she has grown some between that time and now :)

Ooooh and check out her button hooves! I did orange and green to bring out the colors in her accent fabric!

And now on to my million (not really a million, more like 13ish) other orders I need to fill!!! My fingers hurt!!! ;)

I've got these sort of animals ahead of me:

Llama, Frog Prince, Catfish, Dinosaur, Kung Fu Panda & Monkey... and not to mention I have got to make some headway towards holiday items!
I hope to be more prepared for Halloween and Christmas this year :)

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