Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Step Into My Sketchbook...

Every Wednesday, I'll be posting sneak peeks into my sketchbook.
I'm always sketching what could be the next best thing to hit HinckleDoodle!

Most people watch a little tv or read an enthralling book before bed, but me? I sketch.
It's therapeutic and calming for me because my mind is constantly racing!
My mind has always been like that. I used to journal write every night, but these days I have my good ole sketchbook.

My dad recently got Facebook and he left me a comment on one of my HinckleDoodle Creative Process Photo Album photos saying he likes seeing what I'm creating because it lets him know my mood.

It's creations...ANYTHING I do creatively is how I have always expressed myself. It used to be with my fashion sketches, my wardrobe, my scrapbooking, etc. etc. and now it's my plush goodies!

Here's a few sketches now :)

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