Friday, January 20, 2012

Mood Music

Since I've created somewhat of a schedule for my blog to hopefully keep me more active in it. I've decided that Fridays will be for Mood Music. Some little taste of what I've newly discovered, obsessed with, or songs that are attached to a memory, so on and so forth to maybe set the mood for your weekend.

Speaking of schedule, I've decided my blogs "closed", so to speak, on the weekends. Unless some wild adventure occurs or I take a plushie on some sort of escapade around town. :)

So here's a little something that I hope will put a smile on your face...

Said The Whale "The Light Is You"

I chose this as my first Mood Music Fridays' song because it's mine and my daughter's song.
When my husband was away in Korea for a year, my daughter and I bonded immensely! All of your out-of-the-house affairs, especially during the summer, were spent with the windows down and the speakers blaring this song and she learned all the words. It was wonderful to hear a preschooler (at the time) sing along to one of my favorite bands, Said The Whale.

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