Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspire, Inspire, Inspire!

It's winter, of course...and I've been inspired by snow and ice.

The many different colors associated with winter... the icicle blue, frosty white, the way yellow looks when it reflects off the snow...

And the way snow looks like little diamonds are sprinkled all over the top!

What's also inspiring about winter and snow is the fun you can have in it! Like my family and I did!

Here's my husband snow diving! :)

My daughter and I making snow angels...I look large because I put on twice the amount of layers they did lol...I don't like the cold.

Isn't this last photo the best? Look at the smiles on my hubby and daughter's faces! Here's proof that you can throw your children. But please note, you should have at least a foot to foot-and-a-half of snow beneath them and side effects are major giggling and possible snow showers from impact. 

Be inspired! Go play in the snow if you have it!

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