Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspire, Inspire, Inspire!

Let's see... what's inspiring me right now...


I have been scouring wedding planning websites to see if there are color schemes I haven't used yet.

Here's a few that I'd like to dabble with in the near future...


Mohair is so super soft and would definitely add some texture to my plushies. I've been asked to attempt a llama and I was thinking of buying mohair to make the body!
And I've also been considering getting a little bit to test it out for the manes of my ponies! :)

ATTENTION!!!!: I also want to let you all know that there's a Love & a Sandwich giveaway for a custom newborn monstroctopus! Here's the link to enter: Click here to get your grubby hands on some plush goodness!

Chelsea at Love & a Sandwich is one of my idols and one of the few plush artists that inspired me to even start making my own plush! I want to win this so badddddddd!

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